Building Controls and Energy Services

EES has experience providing energy efficient HVAC systems for all types of buildings as well as new construction projects across the commercial, industrial and manufacturing sectors.

Today’s facility manager faces increased demands to maintain an energy efficient and intelligent operational environment. EES Facility Services can help.

EES is an Authorized Building Control Specialist (ABCS) for Johnson Controls, a Tridium Controls Certified Contractor and a Honeywell WEBsAX Certified Contractor. EES Facility Services has the knowledge and expertise to help your organization create an intelligent building and reduce energy costs and maintenance issues. Our services can be delivered turnkey. We can begin remote access and control of most facilities as soon as the facility equipment is powered up.

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Capabilities include:

  • Specification Engineering
  • Vendor Control Coordination
  • Open Interoperable Controller Specification
  • Software & Database Generation Engineering
  • Installation Supervision
  • System Commissioning
  • Graphics Generation
  • Alarm and Information Delivery
  • “As-Built” Drawings & Information
  • Personal Training

Building Controls & Energy Service Specialties

  • Manage energy consumption
  • Improve performance for lighting, air conditioning, and ventilation systems
  • Provide cost-control practices for initial construction and modernization, and daily operation.
  • Turnkey Packages for commercial buildings
  • Pre-Engineered Packages for installation and integration anywhere in the U.S.
  • Remote access and control of most facilities as soon as the facility equipment is powered up

Your efforts over the last 4 years have helped reduce our electrical consumption by 21% or 13.0 million kWh per year. That equates to 15.0 million lbs of coal or 28.1 lbs of CO2 per year saved. The vast majority of that is due to controls and new RTUs.

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