Save Money through Regular HVAC Maintenance

Regular Routine HVAC maintenance has been shown to protect HVAC equipment, lower utility costs, reduces equipment-replacement costs, and keeps your employees comfortable.  A study from the New Buildings Institute showed that best practices maintenance reduces energy use 10-20% while poor maintenance practices can increase energy use by as much as 30-60%. In other words, regular HVAC maintenance can pay for itself through the energy savings!

Regular routine HVAC Maintenance falls into two categories:  Reactive and Preventative.  Reactive is fixing problems quickly. Preventative is looking at the HVAC units on a scheduled basis before the problems arise.  A company can save between 12 – 18% using preventative maintenance over reactive maintenance. Check out these energy savings that come from addressing some common issues on HVAC equipment:


EES Facility Services Optimum Mechanical Maintenance Program can help your company save energy, costs and headaches caused by unexpected downtime.  Contact us today for more information.

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