Save Money through Regular HVAC Maintenance

Regular Routine HVAC maintenance has been shown to protect HVAC equipment, lower utility costs, reduces equipment-replacement costs, and keeps your employees comfortable.  A study from the New Buildings Institute showed that best practices maintenance reduces energy use 10-20% while poor maintenance practices can increase energy use by as much as 30-60%. In other words, regular

Don’t Spend the Summer Sweating – Get your HVAC System Ready for the Heat!

Don’t spend the summer sweating; get your spring inspection scheduled now! A professional HVAC Inspection will save your company time, money, and frustration! Now is the time to make sure your commercial HVAC equipment is ready to keep everyone cool! Scheduling a spring tune up will help to prevent problems before they happen. EES Facility

Your Building May Not Be as Intelligent as You Think

Your Building May Not Be as Intelligent as You Think Think your building is intelligent?  A study completed by Honeywell and KRC Research shows that your facility may not be as smart as you think. Honeywell conducted a survey of buildings throughout the United States to determine how “smart” our facilities currently are. Visit for more information.

Reasons Coils Fail Prematurely

Evaporator or condensing coils are an imperative part of your overall HVAC system operation. They provide the system an avenue to rid the building of heat and thus help to cool the space.  Coils that are not functioning well directly impact the efficiency of the HVAC system and increase operating costs while also reducing the system’s

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