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Your Building May not be as Intelligent as You Think

Think your building is intelligent?  A study completed by Honeywell and KRC Research, shows that your facility may not be as smart as you think. smart-building-IoT Honeyell conducted a survey of buildngs throughout the United States to determine how "smart" our facilities currently are.  Visit for more information.  
The Smart Building Score is an index used to evaluate facilities based on their use of various technology assets in 3 categories:
  1. Green Assets:  use of natural resources, flexible and efficient HVAC systems, and control panels for monitoring energy consumption.
  2. Safe Assets:  access control, surveillance and intrusion monitoring, fire systems, emergency communications, and health and life safety systems
  3. Productive Assets: indoor air quality sensors, lighting systems, data and communications infrastructure, and back up electricity systems.
The survey covered various building types.  Airports were ranked the highest at 50, along with governmental buildings and hospitals following close behind.  On the lowest end of smart building score were high-rise residential buildings and private office buildings.  Public buildings also ranked higher overall than private buildings.  
The survey also found that U.S. Buildings prioritize safety and security over sustainability.  82% of the participants agreed that energy efficiency is beneficial but only a little over 50% believed their building was technologically advanced enough to maximize efficiency.
Click here to take Honeywell's Smart Building Survey.  
Making U.S. Buildings smarter offers a tremendous opprtunity for growth.  Along with keeping occupants, safe and productive, smart buildings can contribute to a company's bottom line profits.
If your facility needs to improve it's intelligence, EES Facility Services can help.  We are a building controls specialist.  EES works on all types on controls including Johnson Controls, Tridium, and Honeywell WEBsAX  (WEBsAX is a non-proprietary building automation system (BAS) that connects all of your building's HVAC, lighting, and security networks - maximizing energy efficiency, reducing maintenance costs and provides centralized controls).  We have the experience and knowledge to help your facility to become smarter and more efficient. Contact Eric Miske for more information on building automation controls and improving your facilities energy efficiency.  
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